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Oocyte/Embryo Donation

These procedures also known as third party IVF, have made motherhood possible in otherwise impossible cases.

Oocyte Donation

This is needed to be done in following women

  • There are some women who have never menstruated due to some hormonal issues but have an intact uterus- Primary Amenorrhoea
  • The women who enter menopause much earlier - Premature Menopause
  • There are some women whose ovaries cease to function due to problems like Endometriosis, Chocolate cysts, Ovarian tumors, Pelvic Tuberculosis, etc.
  • Secondary Amenorrhoea due to surgical removal of both ovaries for Tumours, torsion, and necrosis sometimes removed along with tube in case of ruptured ectopic pregnancy, If a woman undergoes chemotherapy for any cancer Radiation therapy of pelvis In all these situations women"s ovary stop producing oocytes.

In this case, we take Oocytes of a young woman who is a donor. This donor can be any relative of the couple or we can arrange for a professional donor. The donor undergoes ovarian stimulation & Oocytes retrieval. The husband's semen is taken and IVF/ICSI is done with the husband's sperms and embryos are formed. Parallelly, the wife is given medications for the preparation of uterine lining so that it becomes ready to receive the embryos. The embryo transfer is done to the wife with thus prepared embryos with the hope that she becomes pregnant.
The success rate of this can be as high as 50-60%.
When she becomes pregnant, she experiences pregnancy, delivery, rearing of the baby, breastfeeding.... everything.
Motherhood which otherwise would be impossible, third party IVF has made it possible. Genetically the offspring will be having the husband's genes but not of a wife.

Embryo Donation

Any couple can choose this option when both partners are not able to produce Oocytes or Sperms or both.
Here both Oocytes and sperms are used of donors. Readymade embryos are kept in the wife's uterus which was pre-prepared by medications ready to receive embryos.
If the wife becomes pregnant, the offspring will not be a genetic child of either of them. But she experiences motherhood.

56 year old lady conceived after IVF at Hera IVF Centre

  • The couple lost their 29 year old son and were determined to have pregnancy and child birth.
  • She was known case of hyperthyroidism and developed hypertension.
  • She conceived in first attempt & underwent Cesarean section.
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